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St. Louis, Missouri


Greendals are made to order sandals made from used car tires, with a portion of sales benefiting Missouri Stream Team. 



Greendals shoes made from recycled tires. Every pair of sandals is made to order, ensuring that you get a one-of-a-kind pair of sandals with a tread unique to you. 

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Greendals Launch : The Purpose

Tipper O'Brien

I've always been inspired by seeing objects given a second life. Old rehabbed cars, record players, quilts made from old t-shirts, factories that turn into lofts, train stations that become malls. And like many Millenials, I've been increasingly aware that through the ease of industrial production we are causing massive change to a world that, will inevitably be fine...we just won't be there to see it.

Greendals is a combination of those two ideas. I wanted to produce something of utility from reused materials, while at the same time helping to do some good for this earth. By pulling tires out of rivers, fields, and junkyards and turning them into sturdy, durable footwear we accomplish both. And, in so doing, we give back part of our profits to the agencies that work, every day, to clean up the mess created by a 21st century world.

But importantly, this doesn't work unless we're profitable. We can't make an impact if we don't sell any shoes. So the purpose of Greendals isn't entirely altruistic, but the end result could be part of the change we all need to get a second life.